FORM 16 - 2023

Pedro Ventura Matos
Signature Paintings

Matos' "Signature Paintings" series, inaugurated in 2021, opens a window of analysis on the use and reproduction of the artistic signature. This series boldly showcases the signatures of well-known artists, painted on monochromatic backgrounds. These works, meticulously hand-painted with oil on canvas, embody a pure representation of the subject at hand, evoking both a sincere homage to the inherited cultural legacy and exploring the relationship between identity, authenticity, and reproduction in the context of contemporary art.
The signature, traditionally a sign of authenticity and originality, is here reproduced and recontextualized in a new setting, challenging conventional notions of authorship and originality.
This condition, as opposed to the evocative capacity traditionally attributed to images, introduces a further level of analysis on project documentation and on the images of the works.