FORM is an independent platform for contemporary art research focus on artificial intelligence that stands out for its focus
on space utilization and transformation of art consumption mechanisms. FORM's mission is to challenge the boundaries of
traditional artistic disciplines using artificial intelligence to produce hybrid projects that aim to expand the practices of the
involved artists regarding the exhibition theme in the "white cube".

FORM aims to create multidisciplinary projects that break the boundaries of traditional artistic disciplines, favoring a 2.0
approach to contemporary art reflecting on the works and their digital documentation.
The main objective is to produce hybrid photographic projects that express the practices of the involved artists, challenging
art consumption mechanisms and creating new experiences of fruition and meaning production for the audience.


place-space shape-amazon dimension-mass reality-function ready-made extra-media architecture-sound intervention-
object design-subculture nothing-something documentation-life new-trash gray-mixed reality-offline sculpture-environment
painting-no-place installation-object abandoned-decentralized new-compulsion chaos-order mono-exploration inside-
metal mix-investigate project-empty exhibition-open close-nature culture-low industry-capitalism product-money travel-old
distortion-monochrome mirror-white