FORM 03 - 2022

Jan Domicz

Although it is based on physical objects, it comes together online. Down the pipeline. Most art presented online becomes content. Art as content. Art as content is a merger of: art as information (emotional?) and art as commodity. The context of the content is the platform. The content needs a platform to function. Each platform, despite the pronounced openness, requires formatting to specific requirements specified in the scenario. Endless possibilities, until it fits. In relation to the platform, the content becomes irrelevant. Modularity is the easiest way of expansion. Every facebook/instagram/tiktok/linkedin/reddit creates a need for the next (more porous, bigger?) Facebook/instagram/tiktok/linkedin/reddit. How about being a bit softer on one another and a lot harder on systems/platforms/structures. Bring back the idea of the TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone). Dripping via holes. It exists in cracks.
Three presented platforms are using modular systems of: raised floor, portable stage, children’s' playground.  

Jan Domicz (1990, Opole, PL) has exhibited in diverse contexts, including the Venice Architecture Biennale, Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt and Neue Essener Kunstverein. Domicz lives and works in Warsaw.