FORM 10 - 2023

Nicolás Lamas
Digital Anomalies

Form is pleased to announce ‘Digital Anomalies’, our first project entirely produced with artificial intelligence, which includes works and documentation in a unified form. Through the use of AI, Nicolás Lamas creates intersections of previously produced works presented in past exhibitions, reconfiguring and crossing old works to obtain new versions.

By manipulating and reconfiguring past works, Lamas opens up new perspectives and possibilities, demonstrating the power of technology in shaping our perceptual and visual universe. The software used re-elaborations and repositions of organic and inorganic elements present on the surface of these artworks, creating hybrid works that mix the digital and physical world, the past and present, the virtual and tangible. 

This project exclusively uses photographic narration to highlight the potential of artificial images in replacing traditional documentation. Instead of a linear and reliable sequence, something more akin to an overlapping and multidimensional sequence is presented, inviting us to explore and rethink the concept of “exhibition” in the era of narratives and synthetic images. Through the documentation of the works themselves, the artist and the interconnected and complicit AI tool compose a new grammar, revealing a difficult-to-define visual “metamorphosis” that is constantly changing and transforming.

We will be surprised to find out that there is not much difference between the work of art, its representation, and its two-dimensional reproduction. Everything is part of a continuous flux that sculpts, directs and modulates our perception.

Lamas’ most relevant solo exhibitions include:
Non-Human-Matters, Aldea, Bergen, Norway, Assemblage and circulation, De Vereniging (SMAK), Times in collapse, CCC OD, Life of things fades into nothingness, Spazio ORR, Archaeology of darkness, Meessen De Clercq, Liminality, Sabot, Against the boundary ofits own definition, Ladera Oeste, The form of decay, P/////AKT, Todo objeto es un espacio temporal, Fundació Joan Miró, Ocaso,Galería Lucía de la Puente, Loss of symmetry, Loods 12, Potential remains, DASH.

He has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, most notably:
Mixed up with others before we even begin, MUMOK, Finis terrae, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Beneath the skin, betweenthe machines, HOW Art Museum Shanghai, Vienna Biennale for Change 2021, MAK, Beaufort Tiennial 2021, Bredene, Permafrost: Formsof disaster, MO.CO, An exhibition with works by... Witte De With, The penumbral age: Art in the time of planetary change, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Something happened, CCCC, Drowning in a sea of data, La Casa Encendida, Des attentions, Centre d’ Art Contemporain d’Ivry-sur-Seine, The intention of things, Trafó gallery, Notes on our equilibrium, CAB Art Center, Du verb a lacomunication, Museé Carré d’Art, Presque la même chose, Kunsthalle Mullhouse, Fotografía después de la fotografía, Bienal defotografía de Lima, MAC.