FORM 14 - 2023

Marius Lut 
The painter and the sock

On the stairs in front of a studio building a sock had a conversation with a painter after he attempted to paint a monochrome.

Sock: I expected you here.
           (The sock expected it to be strange for the painter to talk to him but as the sock had been there all the time it thought it felt        

Painter: (silent)

Sock: What are you trying to cover?

Painter: (silent, looking at the sock, thinking)

After a while the painter stood up, and saw the sock lying on the stairs

Sock: (again) What are you trying to cover,
            where do you think the black will end?

Painter: (silent)
                (Again looking at the sock, thinking:
                 As a sculpture it would be good…)

The painter was still looking for the other sock

Sock: (again)
           What are you trying to cover?
           Do you cover de form?

The painter looked at an old T-shirt and tried to remember why it was so worn out.

     Dont’ know,
     I don’t know what I cover
     I don’t think I want to know what I cover
     I know I cover what I think

Sock: At least try to cover it all
(The sock became slightly uncertain, thinking: it felt so obvious but maybe I am wrong)

Painter: Black on Black makes Black makes Black
               on Black on Black makes Black Black on Black
                      Black        Black on
               makes Black

Sock: I have been there all day, looking at you while
           you where attempting to paint
          (the sock tried to get into the Painters sight)

Painter: (silent)
               (he looked down at his shoes)

All day long the painter was walking up and down the studio looking for something and the only thing visible is black on a canvas.

Sock: Tsjjjjjjjj
(the sock looked around, thinking: ‘I am gonna look voor the other sock’)

The sock left and the painter stayed a while longer a bit longer….