FORM 05 - 2022

Manuel Fois

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. The process of translating involves both the retrieval and the transmission of information. Retrieval refers to the process of finding and selecting the relevant information from the source text. Transmission refers to the process of conveying the meaning of the target text through the use of language.
Form is glad to present "Remodel" a new solo project by Manuel Fois at FORM.
The concept of automatic translation is at the heart of Manuel Fois' research, which has long been engaged in exploring the process of forming synthetic images through the use of data. By forcing acces to the internal data of mp3 audio files, the artist works with the internal data of an audio file to automatically convert visual sequences of linear patterns. This process allows the conversion of entire audio recordings, usually produced by the artist in exterior environments.
In this process of field recording  in open places, he uses complex receptive structures composed of dozens of long-range microphones and a sensory platform.
Looking at the works, consisting of large glass plates (180x160 cm), the impression is that of standing in front of a vinyl record, in which each micro-incision on the surface corresponds to a segment of binary data. The intention of these works is to revisit the theme of the landscape, trying to reshape/ remodel the data collected in a few sessions an plein air into a new form. Sound becomes a description of an environment through the process of perception. Fois seeks to actively involve the viewer in his investigations, giving his production a conceptual-processual scope. Digital images are nothing but data—numbers that represent  changes at specific locations on a grid of pixels. However, forcing to open up the file (and extracting its internal data), we can display this information in a number of ways. Manuel’s research is dedicated to breaking down language in processing and using synthetic images (and their meta-datas) as building blocks in order to create a new story.