FORM 20 - 2024

Facundo Jesus Lugea
Memories of the Future

Memories of the Future is a series of sculptures, made up of a sequence of white blocks measuring 200x32x35cm that have an internal light box at the top, which houses different objects. These pieces emerge in the exhibition space, repeating themselves and building with the internal images of each block, a narrative about a kind of future myth around the evolution and transformation of matter.

The point that synthesizes the conceptual axis of these pieces is in pointing out and contemplating the matter that makes up and surrounds us from a unifying vision.

Thus, between hybrids, metamorphoses and new gravitational forces, this futuristic fiction tries to wonder about these swings in evolution, to rethink our conception of the body as a whole. Since from that place of totality, we can see the origin as the point that compresses all the ramifications of our evolution. Like an internal algorithm that joins its routes to a starting point. Whether from an artificial intelligence processor to a first atom, no matter how distant these two extremes may seem, they are part of the same evolutionary algorithm in which we are subject.

That is why dimensioning that origin could dazzle in some direction, as stars do when they die, they shed their brilliance towards their past, to become the future in the eyes of someone else.