FORM 01 - 2022

Erris Huigens (Deconstructie)

This project shows a hybrid of classic and contemporary paintings transformed into architectural objects by means of artistic physical interventions, diagonal placement and a historical material based context.  The physical translation of the non-commissioned monochromatic architectural forms the artist has spray painted all over the world, are placed inside minimalistic space. Contrary to these historical abandoned locations, this anonymous space lacks historical context. This conceptual and physical context and content has been implemented in the works shown. The subtly altered frames had been previously installed in an abandoned building in a industrial complex for a few months. One has recently been re-stretched with reclaimed fabrics found in another abandoned building next to the artist’s studio in Wageningen. The other altered frame was replaced and dragged around inside this same building over the course of a couple of weeks. Both are combined with found objects and photographic documentation sourced in the same location, just before it will be destructed at the end of this year. The area will soon be transformed into a social and affordable residential project next year.
This project thus deals with transformation, documentation and preservation of imagery and physical materials from the artist’s local architectural heritage.

Erris Huigens (Deconstructie) lives and works in Wageningen (NL). His predominantly site specific works investigate the concepts of form, painting and drawing in relation to the space where it is produced and installed. Works were shown at De Fabriek Eindhoven (NL), Park Tilburg (NL), FF Projects (MX), Aldo Chaparro Studio (MX), L21 Gallery (ES), Mental Space (DE) and in various self chosen locations.